Run, Run, Run n Run some more!(the extremely late edition)

What a beautiful morning God blessed us with! Cool, quiet and great for Running. 5:15 we circled up for some stretching. 5:20 we broke out for our chosen routes…4 choices of varying distances and directions mapped out by Lambeau himself! The 6 of us crossed 301 and up n over the Ft. Hamer Bridge together and split up at Upper Manatee River Run Rd. Lambeau, who sets a PR every time he touches the ground, went his way while Sparky, Goob, Bing, Gridlock n Rowdy went for the 6 miler. Sparky turned a lil’ early and Gridlock n Bing opened up new gears n left Goob n Rowdy in the last leg of the 6. We’re all in varying stages and degrees of running but the job got done.

6:00am-COT-Announcements-Mar 11 Ronald McDonald House event with 8ball’s wife’s group Bring on the Ministry, Sniper needs help with his Farm Bureau Picnic, Ragnar 3rd team opened up, Gator Wilderness 5k, 10k, 15k coming up in April, :Iron sharpens Iron”mens conference in April…we have a table so a good showing would be great.

Prayer Requests-Goob’s job hunt/interviews, Injured Pax, Traveling Pax, Rowdies family situation.

Praise Reports-Jimmy Deans Niece is getting a chance to move on! No prison and an opportunity to turn it around.

I apologize for being so obscenely late. Life isn’t very convenient right now and I apologize for not finding/making time to get this done in a timely fashion. Rowdy

F3. Respect. Rowdy out