After exteriors research (10 minutes on Google) in the art of the burpee, I have brought on a few variations to the 17 un-expecting pax.


Warm Up

  • Mozy + but kickers + high knees + side shuffle + Strawberry Pickers + karaoke

Picked up tokens…

  • Around the world
  • Brick Lunge


  • Burpee-Gedon Team Dora (4 teams with a bucket with 4 pavers totaling 40 lbs, one pax runs while the others do Burpee variations).
    • Bucket Carry   + Jack Burpee
    • Team Sprint
    • Bucket Carry + Reverse Burpee
    • Team Sprint
    • Bucket Carry + Burpee sit threw
    • Team Sprint
    • Bucket Carry + Corncob Burpee
    • Team Sprint

We had so much energy left that we need to say Hallelujah celebrating the miracle of Easter.

  • Burpees on Hallelujah to Hallelujah Chorus
  • Wrapped it up with a round of Mary with a main focus on core.

The pepper then reminded the PAX that our tokens are heavy.  Jesus on this day took the burden of these tokens and put our brothers in our lives to help carry that weight.

Happy Easter!  Christ has risen!