No more bunnies jumping on the bed

I’m sure the entire Pax had a full belly from the Easter celebrations from the day before. Maybe even a few submitted to that Easter Bunny candy that defiantly is a temptation for YHC, or some of those pies and/or cakes that were most likely within your reach. Carrot cake anyone?? It was time to work off all our indulgences…

Mosey- with a few laps around the parking lot, as usual, including:

  • Highknees
  • Buttkickers
  • Karaoke
  • Side Shuffles

Circle it up- a few warm up stretches

  • Side Straddle Hops (not on the bed)
  • Strawberry Pickers

Thang- 3 stations with 10 minute intervals before rotating to the next station. One PAX ran the designated loop while the others did the listed exercises

  • Station 1: Pavilion- Incline Merkins and/or Dips, while one PAX ran the parking lot
  • Station 2: Eco Chamber- Wall Sit and/or Ballz to the Wall, while one Pax did too laps around the rink
  • Station 3: Workout Station (Mulch Area): Pull ups and/or Step Ups, while one Pax ran to the poles and back.

We finished up with 1 minute to spare…what else is there to do with only a minute left? Call on the old Chili Pepper favorite, 5 Burpee’s on your own.