Buckeye Beatdown

Weather: 39 degrees, cloudy and gray. Oh wait, this isn’t Ohio!  It’s actually 71 and a little muggy here in paradise.


PAX: (27) strong w/(5) FNG’s!  Ace, Apache (FNG), Banjo, Big Mac, Bing, Bones (FNG), Brutus, Bullseye (FNG), Chili Pepper, Clutch, Condenser, Coop, Dasani, Eye Spy (FNG), Hercules, Lancelot, Manziel, Papa Smurf, ShamWow, Sir Wallace, Sniper, Stagecoach (FNG), Thurmanator (DR visitor from Greensboro), Trane, Trump, Wolverine, Young Buck.

Jimi Hendrix got things started with the Woodstock Star Spangled Banner @ 5:10AM.  Dude can shred!

F3 Mission, 5 Core Principles and F3 Credo (“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you left him”) were reviewed.  Message this gloom from former Marine Corp Sergeant Kirstie Ennis, who lost a leg in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2012 and was awarded the Pat Tillman Service ESPY this year (http://www.espn.com/espnw/video/27164467/kirstie-ennis-accepts-pat-tillman-award-service).  GREAT story – she’s a true American hero and bada$$ – look her up.  Excerpt from her acceptance speech: “… rest a moment less, endure a fraction more and try t0 make peace with whatever your pain may be.”  (YHC will use this in future Q’s)

Momentary deep thought on the message, then get into it with mosey with high knees, nur, carioca (this is the correct spelling) run left and right, nur and butt kickers.

COP: Strawberry pickers and Windmills IC.  Arm circles, agitators and Michael Phelps.  Then the Buckeye fun started.  QIC had a costume change to OSU shirt and Ohio State flag was unfurled.  SSH completed with “modified count”, where pax would, instead of advancing the rep count, called out “O” (the letter) on every rep.  I’m the Q – do what I say!  QIC had some fun barking “O – H – I” for multiple reps, with pax completing the final “O”.  It was glorious for YHC to hear the pax calling out for my homeland in unison (also got some digs in on the state up north).

Then some trivia: 3 questions with “consequences” for incorrect answers (random exercises assigned for all pax with # of reps being the count of the incorrect answer).  Oddly, only those from Ohio knew the correct answers – hmmmm.  (8) presidents from Ohio (1 from Michigan, btw).  Ohio was the (17th) state admitted to the union.  Cincinnati Reds have an active (9) World Series game win streak (Yank this! Swept the Yanks in 1976).

Count off by 3’s, and mosey to tower, accompanied by OSU Marching Band “Le Regiment”.


3 “stations” at the tower = steps, “lobby” and parking lot

6 sets of exercises @ each station:

  • Steps station = dips, jump lunges, flutter kicks, shoulder taps, step ups, heels to heaven.
  • “Lobby” station = merkins, imperial walkers, LBC’s, MNC’s, burpees, gas pumpers.
  • Parking Lot station = CDD’s, Al Gores, AH’s, Evander Holyfields, Plank Jacks, LBC’s.

For each exercise:

  • 50 seconds max reps (“endure a fraction more“)
  • 10 seconds recovery

Complete all 6 exercises @ each station, then jailbreak to top of tower and back down (2:30 allotted time for jailbreak/return).  Rotate to next station, and repeat.  (18) total exercises / lots of reps.  2.5 jailbreaks (COT at top of tower).

Playlist: AC/DC, The Cult, OSU Marching Band (QIC flashback to AC/DC / Cult Sunday Nights @ Mean Mr Mustard’s on High St).

Announcements: 28-SEP “Laps for Life” 5K @ NBP.  Week 4 (final week) of Iron Pax 28-SEP 7AM @ Adventure Park.  20-OCT Sarasota half marathon.  24-NOV Daquiri Deck2Deck2Deck.  06-DEC Ragnar.  Savage races (check with Coop).

Praise / Prayer Requests: Brutus praise for F3 brotherhood, and thanks to Thurmanator (Greensboro NC) for introduction to F3.  Prayers for injured and sick pax, Hercules on his promotion, Jaden (Sniper and Hercules workmate son), ROTC, Mr Clean’s niece/family, Wilson’s M, Thurmanator Mother-in-Law, Dasani & Bubbles’ M’s @ high risk pregnancies (prayers every day here…), sorry if I forgot others.

Very humbling having the opportunity to lead such a great group of HIMs.  I had a blast preparing for and executing my VQ.  M told me NOT to be an F3 nerd; oh well…  I appreciate the fellowship of my F3 brothers (even those that wear maize and blue).  I didn’t know I was a sad clown!!  O — H…!