Blackshirts – Final IronPax

QIC: Chilipepper

10 Pax in attendance.  Lambo, Drake, Dash, Sparky, Brutus, Manzel, Scrum, Chilipepper.

Weather: Nice… 80

Week 4 of IronPax Challenge!

Ran a lap with some butt kickers, side suffle and nur.  Rounded up and did some SSH, Strawberry Pickers, Left leg + Right Leg + Middle Leg static stretch, and finished off with some arm maraken nightclubs.

3 Round for Time

  • 100 Cumulative Merkins and/or Squats
  • 100 Yard Coupon Carry (200 Yards Total)
  • 100 Cumulative CouponSwings and/or BonnirBlairs (one leg = one rep)
  • 100 Yard Coupon Carry (200 Yards Total
  • 100 Cumulative CouponThrusters and/or TravelingLungeSteps (one leg = one rep)
  • 100 Yard Coupon Carry (200 Yards Total)

Towards the end of the beatdown, when breathing was heavy and strength draining.  Brutus was inspired by the Nebraska Huskers fights song, which filled him with power to sprint to the finish bringing the IronPax Week 4 to and end!  Great job pax, Go Huskers!


  • Bring on the ministry fundraiser, Oct 19th
  • Sarasota Half Marathon, Oct 20th

Praise/Prayer Requests

  • Rowdy shortly in route to Bahamas
  • Pincher’s Family, his M
  • Ripken’s recovery
  • Trumps’ Son Avianca
  • First Responders, Police and Armed Forces!