Accountability is Key

Weather – 80s and humid, and mosquito-full

With the pax rolling in close to 5:15, the mozi started, in a direction to avoid any inbound cars. Mozi included knees to chest, toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees and carioca x2.  COP:

  • SSH x20IC
  • Windmills x10IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10IC
  • Mountain Climbers x16IC
  • LBCs x10IC

The Thang:

Jimmy Dean and YHC were recently reminiscing about how far everyone has come fitness wise, and he joked that it would be great to repeat his FNG Q to see how far he has come.  So that is what we did today, 9 mos to the day from when he started F3.  You can find the original backblast here: Monday Morning with Mike Tyson

Up first – Round of 11s with Mike Tysons and LBCs.

Second – People’s Chair while pax bear crawls across the hockey rink (it’s cement, not ice) and back. This was so much fun that we decided to rinse and repeat.

Being a hockey rink, a starfish beatdown is always fitting.  Starting with the center rink and hitting all of the face-off circles, the Pax did 10 Merkins at each circle (90 total merkins).  Mode of transportation was bear crawl out, lunge walk back in.  For the second round, we punished our shoulders one more time by doing 30 Moroccan Night Clubs at each circle and NUR as the mode of transportation.

With only a few minutes left, the pax concluded with a round of Mary including Homer to Marge, Freddy Mercury and American Hammers.

Moleskin – Accountability.  Holding yourself accountable often requires you to reflect back on where you started.  Possibly reflect on the mistakes you made.  But accountability in F3 is made easier as the Pax are here to push you along and hold you up when needed.


  • Downtown Recon Mission – Thursday, 5:15a – Marina parking lot and meet at the base of the statue.
  • August – F3 Lutz Guest Q
  • August 25 – Mud Titan and Ft Hamer bridge Run
  • September – Donut run (see Zeus) and Siesta Key Tri


  • Praise to the men who were able to help ShamWow on Sunday.  Move back in will happen later this week if anyone can help
  • Praise to the men of F3, for holding Jimmy Dean accountable and helping him get stronger
  • Prayers for James – will find out in September if he needs another round of Chemo
  • Prayers for Dillio – Pax member in F3 Lutz who is in the hospital.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for holding me accountable and getting me out in the morning.  As Mr. Clean said, the fartsack is often strong, but the guilt of leaving your brothers alone in the gloom is even stronger.