Introduction to the Flerkin = Flashdance Merkin

11 brothers of the gloom and 1 FNG came out to enjoy some of my RVA F3 favorites like old glory and the burpee shuffle.  It was a great honor to lead today and I always enjoy the F2 time afterwords.

The Thang

Mosey around the island for 2 laps before we circled up for :

20 SSH

20 Flutters kicks

20 LBS

20 Merkins/Flerkins

Mosey to the parking lot to play 4 corners:  Run 4 laps around the 4 corners than start:

1st corner 25 merkins

2nd corner 25 merkins + 25 American hammers

3rd corner 25 merkins + 25 American hammers + 25 jump squats

4th corner 25 merkins + 25 American hammers + 25 jump squats + 25 LBCs

Last 4 100 yard sprints to end (Old Glory suncoast style)

Mosey to the island to run in line front/back/sideways

Circled up for (belly- back- feet) ring of fire

545am we still have 15 minutes of fun so now we started the teamwork part of the AO.

Teams of 4 pax  –  3 carried one pax across the field than switched up to so everyone had a turn.  This is called Weekend at Bernies,  this video explains the name.

Teams of 3 for triple check=  1 pax runs to the end of the island and back  the other 2 pax do merkins and flutters kicks until the pax returns everyone completes  all 3 stations 3 times.

We circled up for the last ring of fire: the burpee shuffle  run in place while we go around the circle and say go or fire to do the burpee.

COT:   DeFib took us out with a powerful message to remember to be the love and light in our community!!!   Thank you thats just what I needed.    I feel so blessed to have a new PAX to laugh and sweat with it means so much to me.  I am deeply grateful for you all coming out this morning.

Challenge of the DAY:   Share F3 with 1 man that you come in contact with today.  That means if just our AO shared this today thats 12 men that will hear the message to get up, start and just keep moving towards a better version of YOU.   It takes a village you can’t do it alone, we need each other and we are here for each other!!! WOW thats a powerful statement to share.

Be Super Today!!



New AO at the Ringling bridge meet at Marina Jacks at 515am this Thursday, FYI this is a Recon AO led by Mr. Clean/Bing.

I feel like I am missing something from the AO we did something else but I can’t remember.