YHC clearing having a AARP moment as I thought I had done this backblast last week but was called out and told I didn’t. SO if I forget anything I am blaming it on being a card carrying AARP Member.

Started with a Mosy around pond and circling up doing SSH’s , Strawberry Pickers and Windmills

Pax was informed that we were redoing a Q from about a year ago where we had only 4 PAX members there but were all AARP eligible.


Going to be a run out about 1 mile and back doing exercises alone the way…

1st stop would be after about 1/2 mile run … where we did 100 merkins, 100 LBC’s and 100 Moroccan NC’s…

2nd  stop would be at the turn around point … where we did 75 merkins, 75 LBC.s and 75 MNC’s

3rd stop would be back at some point as 1st stop … where we did 50 merkins, 50 LBC’s and 50 MNC’s

Final stop was back at the starting point … where we did 25 merkins , 25 LBC’s and 25 MNC’s

With a few minutes left and a newbie to NBP we did a jail break to the top of the finishing tower for our COT


We reminder PAX’s members of all the events coming up where we needed to attend or support.


F3 Suncoast