YHC clearing having a AARP moment as I thought I had done this backblast last week but was called out and told I didn’t. SO if I forget anything I am blaming it on being a card carrying AARP Member.

Started with a Mosy around pond and circling up doing SSH’s , Strawberry Pickers and Windmills

Pax was informed that we were redoing a Q from about a year ago where we had only 4 PAX members there but were all AARP eligible.


Going to be a run out about 1 mile and back doing exercises alone the way…

1st stop would be after about 1/2 mile run … where we did 100 merkins, 100 LBC’s and 100 Moroccan NC’s…

2nd  stop would be at the turn around point … where we did 75 merkins, 75 LBC.s and 75 MNC’s

3rd stop would be back at some point as 1st stop … where we did 50 merkins, 50 LBC’s and 50 MNC’s

Final stop was back at the starting point … where we did 25 merkins , 25 LBC’s and 25 MNC’s

With a few minutes left and a newbie to NBP we did a jail break to the top of the finishing tower for our COT


We reminder PAX’s members of all the events coming up where we needed to attend or support.