Parking Garage Work Out

On a warm humid morning with nasty storms just off the coast heading our way YHC did the core principles and Disclaimer.

Mosy’d around parking lot for a minute waiting as Papa Smurf came in HOT with his PRIUS at full throttle. 🙂

Headed out of parking lot heading towards the first garage…. we circled up half way and did some SSH’s, Strawberry Pickers and Imp Walkers… continued mosy to parking lot.


The garage has 7 levels and the beatdown was going to consist of 10 Merkins at the base of each ramp run up the ramp and do 10 LBC’s at the top of each ramp. We continued this all the way to the top and Planked for the six.

We then ran down the stairs to the bottom of the parking garage, noticing the sad clown mural painted by the elevators on the 3rd floor.

The storms rolled in while we were running down the stairs with heavy rain, thunder and lightning

Once at the bottom the pax was told that the next stage would be to do everything backwards that we just did….

We then ran up the stairs to the top… did 10 merkins at the top of the ramp… NUR’d down the ramp … did 10 LBC’s at the bottom..

Audible #1 to planned work out since the storms were pretty bad… instead of heading to another garage we just stayed in this garage and headed to the 3rd floor level.

We partnered up as as 1 did Moroccan NC and Over head claps the other did a lap around the parking level, this continued until we had 5 minutes left.

Audible #2 due to thunder and lightning we did our COT in the parking garage before running back to our cars.


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