2nd F Gathering – Adventure Park

  • Event: 2nd F Gathering
  • Date: Saturday, October 20th
  • Time: 2PM to 4PM
  • Location: Adventure Park AO
  • Weather: Typical Florida October Afternoon – 95 degrees and 55% humidity

14 PAX, several Ms and even more 2.0s posted for a fantastic 2nd F gathering.  In total, an estimated 30 people came together in fellowship.



The spread was on point with the PAX stepping up their game for the afternoon social.  To name a few of the items: chips & guac, vegetarian chili, ribeye w/ chimichurri marinade, a spicy ribeye and pepper dish, homemade hot sauce, pulled pork sandwiches, egg plant parmesan, pasta salad, blueberry bar cake, pumpkin cupcakes, and other amazing items that YHC is sure he’s forgetting.


The 2.0s played their hearts out, together, while the PAX and their Ms socialized and broke bread.  The afternoon was a great reminder that F3 bonds run deep.  It was also a demonstration of the high caliber of HIM (and their families) that are spread across our Region.