2019 Greenbrook Run

On a foggy Jan 2 2019 morning it looked like it might be a light crew when all of sudden cars started coming in hot.

We started off with the F3 Disclaimer and Core Principles before we headed off for a quick Mosy around the parking lot.

The PAX circled up do to some SSH’s, Strawberry Pickers and Windmills… upon completion the PAX was told the beatdown would be an oldie but goodie running about 2 miles on Greenbrook while stopping at 5 stations to perform exercises… this brought out some grunt and groans from some PAX members who had done some long runs on New Years Day.

The Thang

In order to celebrate the start of 2019

The PAX was going to run out of the parking lot and head north on Greenbrook heading towards SR70. There were 5 stations along the 1 mile path each having  4 ( 2 on the right .. 2 on the left) white flags each with exercises .. on the way out you did 20 of one exercise and 19 of the other of the flags on the right … there was NO flag at SR70 but everyone could choose to do 20 or 19 Burpees… on the way back everyone did 20 of one exercise and 19 of the other exercises that were left

Station 1 = Merkins, Shoulder Taps, Plank Jacks and CDD

Station 2 = American Hammers, BB Situps, Peter Parkers and Freddy Mercuries

Station 3 = Jump squats, Side Lunges, SSHs and Toy Soldiers

Stations 4 = Moroccan NC’s, Imp Walkers, Left Lifts and Flutters

Station 5 = Burpees

When you got back to parking lot everyone did a round of 11’s doing Merkins and SSH’s.


Upcoming Races and events

Bridge a Life 2/16 – Superhero 5K


Super Bowl Tri at Sarasota Y

Wilson is putting together a event on 2/17 and 2/18 at Bayside Church to pack meals for the needy. more details to follow

Ragnar in Dec… discount if we sign up now… Reach out to Ripken if interested.