Volbeatdown (#1)

Weather: 69 degrees, 74% humidity.  Almost not warm.  Winter is nigh.


PAX: Bing, Brutus, Chili Pepper, Drake, Goob, Manziel, Ricky Bobby (FNG), Ripken, ShamWow, Six Pack, Trump.

Star Spangled Banner @ 5:12AM.  Because ‘Merica.

F3 Mission, 5 Core Principles and F3 Credo (“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you left him”) were reviewed.  Honest Abe Lincoln was married on this day in 1842.  Abe once said: “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”  I don’t wanna ever let my F3 brothers down….

Mosey 2 laps around parking lot with the usual high knees, butt kickers, nur, carioca left and right, and 3 bonus burpees because YHC is actually starting to like them.

COP: Started with, frankly, a weak attempt at a “21” with SSH, grass grabbers (center, left and right), arm circles, agitators, merkins, plank with right arm (and leg if ya got it) raised, then left arm (and leg) raised, and finally a round of ABC’s.  Mosey to echo chamber.

So, about the Q name.  Volbeat has been one of my favorite bands for a while.  Volbeat + beatdown = well, you get it.  (#1) because this (maybe) won’t be the last….


Initial viewing of whiteboard caused mass confusion.  Too many arrows, I guess, and too few nerds to understand how it was supposed to flow.  Admittedly, not a very tight Q.  It’ll get better.

(3) “stations” / locations in echo chamber: 1) southwest end line, center line, northeast end line.  Perform exercises at each of these 3 locations, and exercise is paired with a mode of transport to get from SW end to center to NE end (#s 1-6 below), then when complete with NE end exercise, mosey back to SW end line and start the next exercise / mode.


1) 40x LBCs w/ bear crawl

2) 25x merkins w/ imperial walkers

3) 25x gas pumpers w/ bear crawl

4) 25x EA heel touches w/ walking lunges

5) 50x MNC w/ bear crawl (this was intended to induce the greatest burn of the day)

6) 25x EA American Hammers w/ imperial walkers

7) 2 laps around parking lot, then to pavilion for 25 tricep dips on picnic table, then 25 EA x step ups on picnic table.

—- if finished and time permits, then start again at #1 in echo chamber.

I jacked up the explanation on #7, but at least everyone got some more running in.  There was mumble chatter but I couldn’t decipher it because I’m partially deaf and was closest to the Bose.  Or maybe it was selective hearing so I didn’t hear whining about my Q.  I did, however, hear someone release gas from their intestines (Goob, did you hear it?).  Palms of my hands were blue-green when I got home from bear crawls and sweat.  I liked that.  Welcome to Ricky Bobby, possibly the most unanimous F3 handle I’ve heard yet.  There was a 2M post run for a few manimals.

Playlist: Volbeat:  Still Counting, Heaven Nor Hell, A Warrior’s Call, Dead But Rising, The Hangman’s Body Count, Lola Montez, The Sinner is You, Slaytan (did NOT get to all of these – we will later).

Announcements: 06-DEC Ragnar (of course); Ripken to have a trail run @ Panther Ridge some weekend AM coming up.  Sniper’s trap shoot event postponed til JAN.  Salvation Army F3 Christmas visit 12-DEC.  Ronald McDonald House visit 17-DEC.

Praise: Brutus praise to Bing for sacrificing an attempt at a 5K PR @ Care2Tri on Saturday.  I could feel the “caged animal” for 3.1M – kudos on the right decision.  Brutus praise to ALL F3 brothers for this journey – you’re all examples of how to be a better person.

Prayer Requests: Ripken’s father-in-law, 8-ball and family for the passing of his mother today, injured pax, members of our armed forces and first responders.  Bless Ripken’s new puppy.  Sorry if I forgot others.

O — H…!!!