Virgin Ride – F3 Suncoast Cycling

Weather 65 and humid but comfy.

That pax convened at Wawa and rolled right at 6am.  This was YHC maiden voyage, or Virgin Ride on a “road” bike and it surely won’t be the last.  Lights on, music on, let’s go!

After learning all of the hand signals that go along with a group ride, it was my time to lead the pack.  damn, serious, I am supposed to take my hands off the handle bars to give hand signals? NO WAY.  I’m holding on to these things as tight as possible!  Oh, and thanks Pincher, I now know that you shouldn’t stay in tight line when riding through puddles!

We reached Fruitville, and this ain’t so bad.  Enjoying the ride, wait, what the heck is that…a head wind?  where the heck was that on the way out!  Time to figure out what these gears do, and right back up with the pack I go.  Pincher and JuCo gather up a tad more distance while Ripken and YHC continue straight back to Wawa.  It was this quiet time when I start adding up all the toys I need to get when my bike is ready.  A brighter front light, more padding for my ass, cell phone holder cause it seems like everyone had one….Ya know, cause F3 is free of charge!!

Distances of about 13+ and 19+ miles were ridden, all averaging about 19 MPH.  I think that’s good as I have NO reference point, but every one was sweaty and great fellowship was had!

Thanks to the pax for pushing me out of my comfort zone and trying something new…had a great time and can see myself getting addicted to another sport!! Special thanks to Pincher for riding my butt and not allowing me to use excuses to not ride and letting me borrow his 2nd bike as mine isn’t ready yet!

Much respect!

~Bing out