Pete and Re-pete

Welcome: at exactly 0515, YHC greeted the lucky posters, Excalibur and Shamrock. We discussed the two hill runs YHC had on the ticket. It was too early to decide, so we simply took off for a 2-mile warm-up that circled past Caddy’s at the Point, through Riverwalk, under the Green Bridge and then to its top.

The Thang: At this point, we had to make a decision between:

  1. 20 x 15sec up the Green Bridge at full speed, with downhill jog back to start for recovery OR
  2. 10 x 30sec up the Green Bridge at about 90% max effort, with downhill jog back to start for recovery

As we talked through all the pain that could be had, Excalibur had the perfect solution, “Which one do you want to do the least?” And that settled it. Option 2 was chosen, and so Pete and Repete went up the Bridge. Pete came down, who was left? Repete. Pete and Repete went up the Bridge. Pete came down, who was left? Repete. Well, you get the point. Excalibur, Shamrock and YHC went up the Bridge, and we all came down stronger runners and better men.

We pushed through the 10x at 30sec and extended repeats 9 and 10 to go to the top of the Bridge which was about 50-60 seconds in duration. On the final repeat, we carried on over to the Palmetto side of the Bridge and turned around. On the return trip, each of us were receptive to one final sprint up the Bridge. This one toasted us and was probably the one repeat that got us some gains. Cool down took as about 1.5 miles back to the skatepark where we launched. Excalibur splintered off to get to the gym while YHC and Shamrock swung back by Caddy’s to see an even 7.0-miles on the dial.

Win the morning, win the day! And win the day we did. See everyone next week. Same time, same great location.


  1. 2-year F3 Suncoast anniversary Mar 30.
  2. SUP and Run.
  3. Gator Wilderness 5/10/15K.

Prayers / Praises:

  1. First Responder’s safety.
  2. Pax with injuries.

YHC is thankful for the opportunity to Q at this AO and with these pax.

“To do what others cannot do, be willing to do what others will not do.”