Until the Morale improves, the beatings will continue!

Conditions: do to the prior nights rain, we started at a cool 76 degrees! Not to shabby!

Chore principals and disclaimers 

Mozi: We jogged around the tower and circled up at the bottom of Sniper hill. Orange cones at 20 yards apart. Football drills.

2 sets of each

butt kickers (actually high knees)

butt kickers (actually butt kickers)



SSH,Strawberry pickers, Michael Phelps, Merkins and bad back stretches

We had a FNG …… jail break!!! Welcome Jimmy Laurie Duracell

The Thang

We started w an 11, Shoulder taps and elbow to knee crunches

De Escalators 20  15 10 5 / Running the two bridges and stopping for an exercise at every corner

Lap 1 Merkins and nur the bridge

Lap 2 Big boy sit-ups and kerioke the bridge

Lap 3 Mountain climbers and Nur the bridge

With 4 minutes left we ran back to the tower and up to he Bing Deck where we did 10 military merks, 20 lbcs, 10 wide merks and called it at the top of the hour!


Announcements: no beach bums tomorrow,9/9 Ronald   McDonald house, the Lutz bothers will be joining and guest Q ing St. Pete, a new AO is coming….. TAMPA

Banjo is moving soon and could use some help and prayers.



Lancelot for healing surgery and doctors care

8 Ball and recovery from surgery(s)

Thanks for letting me LEAD!  Such an honor!!!!!

jimmy dean out.