P, B & J Beatdown

P, B & J Beatdown

Weather: 76, slight breeze and lower humidity than it has been. In short, Nice 🙂

QIC: Lambeau

Pax: Sparky, Dash, Ripken, Scrum, Manziel, ROTC, Shamwow

Welcome and Warm Up

Today started out with YHC covering the five core principles of F3. Since we didn’t have any new guys (friendly or otherwise) we headed over to the echo chamber to run a 6 lap mosey including High Knees, Carioca x2, and nuR. Once completed we circled up for some SSH, Imperial Walkers, Strawberry Pickers, Arm Circles and finally Windmills at speed and Abe Vigoda style. YHC handled the cadence counting much better this week having left alternative styles at home and sticking to something more familiar.

The Thang

The theme for the day is P, B & J.. no not the kind mom makes. Each exercise in the weinke will begin with a P, B or J. The pax were taken down to the basketball court and we kicked the party off with a Dora 1-2-3 consisting of 100 Peter Parkers, 200 Big Boy Situps and 300 Jumping Jacks (er SSH.) The run point was set as the white poles at the end of the path where the road to the dog park was. This running distance disgruntled some of the pax who grumbled the Peter Parkers would be done before their partner made the first trip there and back. Life is short, work hard! Those pax who completed their sets early helped out the remainder of the pax and we all took a 30 second breather before moving on.

Part two of the P, B & J themed exercises was up next. The pax circled up and we all would Plank for as long as possible. Once exhaustion set in YHC would allow a break consisting of 5 Burpees. Upon completion of the Burpees, get back into a Plank! Well that covers the P and B, for the J we would take turns doing 10 Jump Squats. Once a pax completes his 10 the pax to the right would do his. I had planned this part thinking we would have our usual 18+ in attendance. Since there were only 8 of us, this part was done about 7 minutes sooner than planned.

Okay, at this point we have had two slices, er sets of P, B & J so it was time to cut the crusts off by doing some of Ripken’s favorite exercise: Suicides. We started with one set followed by Carolina Drydocks for those who complete early and are waiting for the 6 to finish. One side of the bread cut off! For side two we ran 2 sets with the early finishers doing Moroccan Night Clubs while waiting for the 6. Next up, side 3.. you guessed it, 3 sets! Finally we got to the last side of the bread and YHC was feeling pretty winded, so we ran 1 set over and back and called it quits on the crust cutting.

So at this point we were finished with all but the round of mary YHC had planned, however, as hinted at previously, we were done a fair bit earlier than planned. YHC mentioned this to the pax asking if anyone had ideas to fill the time and Ripken spoke up offering 15 Minutes of Abs*. We circled up and he started us off in the sitting position of the American Hammer without the usual twisting. We then moved our knees to the left for a ten count and back to the right for another. Manzel then called for 4 Captain Thors. Shamwow called for Leg Lifts. Sparky broke from the ab theme and had us do some Bad Back Stretching. Dash called for American Hammers. YHC called for Freddie Mercuries. ROTC chimed in with 2 minutes of Flutter Kicks which got the older pax grumbling about lost youth. Scrum had us perform some Plank Jacks. Ripken then had us lift our legs to 90 and then slowly let them down from side to side. Manzel called for LBC’s and finally Shamwow finished up the set with 3 minutes of Rope Climbs, from a seated position.

Count and name-o-rama commenced. Announcements are escaping me at the moment. Prayers included Gator’s injury and healing and for Ripken’s family who are traveling back from their trip.

Lambeau out.

*15 Minutes of Abs (TM) Ripken Enterprises. Used with permission.