Tower Destruction

Weather for 5:15am at NBP Tower: 72 and humid with clear skies

VQ: Sir Wallace

26 PIA: Condenser, Menziel, Ace, Bullseye, Steel, Trump, Bones, Wolverine, Deepdish, Goob, Dasani, ShamWow, Apache, EyeSpy, Drake, Jimmy Dean, Clutch, D-Fib, Sniper, Brutus, BigMac, Coupe, Sir Lancelot, ChiliPepper, Ripken

With the pax finishing up stretches, announced Quick disclaimer, 5 core principles,  then a quick mozy (High knees, Butt Kickers, etc.)

Circle up: SSH, Strawberry Pickers, toy soldiers, etc. then we charged the tower with sandbags in hand.

Went over sandbag focused workout. White sandbags 22 lbs each, orange 26 lbs, bricks 4 lbs each

Divided into teams of 2 pax

1 pax from each team carried a sandbag in each hand then climbs all 5 glorious floors of the tower then cranked out 20 Bent over Rows keeping those sandbags in hands. Then held arms at 90 degrees (static arm curl) while descending to the bottom where pax hand off sandbags to team mate then it’s his turn up the tower. ( bricks were used as an alternate )

While team mate is climbing tower, other pax is grinding out the following exercises.

• 20 Merkins (hands shoulder width apart)

• 20 Freddy Mercury’s (count right leg only)

• 20 Evander Holyfield’s  (count right arm only)

Additional exercises were added:

20 LBC’s plus 20 mountain climbers

Rinse and repeat until out of time

Finished up with American Hammers, tricep dips, Burpees, and  LBC’s

At 6am COT

Announcements: Sat. Oct. 19 Church in Palmetto “Bring on the Ministry” fundraiser for their homeless ministry support. (details on Facebook)

Prayers for:

ShamWow’s two recently deceased friends. Also, Bill who’s battling Cancer and Train with a foot injury.

May our Lord Christ Jesus guide and protect us as we cooperate with His grace to follow Him. God be with us.

6:12am – Ripken and some dedicated Pax went on for a post beatdown run.