“Q – ubing” the Rubik’s Revenge

Weather:  (-19° )  *it seemed like it for this Florida boy, with the breeze

Pax- Slater, Papa Smurf, Clutch, Snapshot, Coop, & Lancelot

Q³- Lancelot

Arriving at the marina, I waited to see if  I scared anybody away with my notification of what’s to come. As we all came in, we mentioned that it was a little cool, due to the breeze & & low humidity, that it was a welcome change.   5:15 and it was time…the 5 principles were stated,  FNGs fart sacked, briefly went over what was expected, for the Rubik’s Revenge. Mozzying towards downtown, (high knees,buttkickers,  carioca right, carioca left) – we briefly stopped to warm up with some, Arm Circles,MP, Calf stretches, SSH, & Strawberry pickers. Moving on, we headed down to see Papa Smurf’s new addition to his church, which was our first stop, to do our “Thang”.

*The condo residents weren’t too thrilled about our Cadences at 5 in the am!


The Thang is Revenge:  Running through downtown Sarasota, we stop at various spots… someone is given a rubik’s type puzzle and they must solve one side of the puzzle. (one cube is a calendar cube, so they had to get certain dates solved). The remaining PAX had to do an exercise (Lunges, Merkins, Squats, LBCs, &  ) until that person solves their puzzle. Once done, we move on to the next stop. The last stop, myself was ready for the revenge, they had to exercise until I solved the entire Rubik’s Cube. None were too thrilled about that. So we started…2 minutes and 10 seconds later, it was solved and we headed back to Camp and finished up w/ a Round of Marys.

COT: Message: There are several ways to solve a problem.  One may approach it one issue at a time, however one must learn from the previous mistake/issue in resolving challenges moving forward. Once all that’s been taking in account,  one will find the solution that will bring it all together.

Rubik’s theory:  Start out with a mixed up cube & will have numerous options to Solve.  Solve one side,  and as you solve the others,  one must keep the solved sides together,  eventually all sides will come together to solve the entire cube.

We can use this in life, work, fitness, mentally, & in Faith !



  •  Bingo Night- Bring on the Ministry
  • Savage Race, St Pete Run Fest, Care to Tri, Game Day 10K
  • Newsletter is out


  • Bing & Sham wow’s Family,
  • Diesel’s M,
  • 1st Responders,
  • Military,
  • and those in need.


I had fun being your leader and I hope the message will help you with your challenges in the future.

Have a Totally Rad Day fellow brothers.   – Lancelot