Time Trial & Ruckacide

Perfect morning for an attempted mass murder of the Pax via a one mile time trial.  If that failed, the backup plan was to kill them during a Ruckacide.  Fortunately, both plans narrowly failed and all Pax lived.

After the 5 core principals and disclaimer were stated, Ripken headed off into an unconventional mozy that included hopping the parking curbs, NUR, walking Merkins on the turf steps and hop up/down on said steps.

We then divided the group into 3 groups for the time trial based on how they expected to finish…> 10 minutes, 8-10 minutes and <8 minute.  Almost half went to the > 10 line.  As we found out, virtually everyone exceeded their expectations.  This was most notable that EVERYONE came in under 10 minutes.  The course was a 0.25 mile down to the end of the lighted path to the middle of the lake (where floating bridge starts) and 0.25 mile back around the picnic table at the base of Sniper hill.  Two loops equal a mile.  This course worked well as there was much camaraderie along the way.  The slowest group started, with the second group staring 1 minute later, followed by the third group at the 2 minute mark.

Here are the times…

[table id=4 /]

Since everyone lived, we proceeded to the stairs and divided into teams of two.  With 9 teams and only 4 Rucks, a medicine ball and Rowdy’s vest, some people got away with no coupon a few times.  The coupons were dropped at the bottom of the stairs with the next guy grabbing it and heading up.  At each level, a set of  10 exercises were given.  We ran to the first level, then back down…repeated by partners.  Then ran to second level and back down…repeated by partners.  This was done until all Pax ran all five levels and performed all the exercises on each level.  The partners at the bottom did a rotation of SSH, LBC, Merkins and other crap while waiting.

The COT was lively.

Announcements: Sniper needs help with Farm Bureau cooking booth at SRQ county fair, 8-ball has two charity events we can support (check Mumble Chatter for details).

Prayers for first responders, Pax missing/injured, Bing to get all his gifts home safely, and Backdraft’s house/ex situation.

If you weren’t there, do test yourself for the mile.  We will retest in a month with all Pax looking to improve on their times.

Ripken out.