Manziel’s Not-So-Gloomy Beatdown


By now, we’re used to strange things happening at any beatdown with YHC as the Q, but nobody was prepared for this. As we pulled up to Adventure Park, we found that no one had bothered to turn out the lights in the pavilion from the big LWR campout/bonfire thing on Saturday night. So instead of having the normal gloom, we had light and could see all our faces and exactly why F3 meets before the sun comes up. But we marched on. Bing, just back from vacation, had to be relieved that (a) the Adventure Park pavilion bathroom is still functioning and (b) F3 Suncoast survived a whole week with the inmates running the asylum.

After the core principles and disclaimer was recited, we got to a regular mozi which included high knees, butt kickers, nur and carioca x2, it was off to the hockey court (referred to that way so as to avoid confusing anyone who was here on Saturday) for a COP with:

  • SSH
  • Strawberry pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Windmills
  • Captain Thor, up to 4 (welcome home Bing!)

The Thang started with a few rounds of 7s,with various modes of transportation from one side of the rink to the other. Plus, do a wall sit until the 6 got in. Here was the program:

  1. Carolina Dry Docks – Merkins (transportation: duck walk)
  2. Al Gores – Leg Raises (transportation: nur)
  3. Flutter kicks – Shoulder taps (transportation: side shuffle)
  4. LBCs – Peter Parkers (transportation: run)

After that was a Dora 1-2-3, with the run going out to the white poles on the shell path (not Ripken’s pole 21 by the lake…way too dangerous for that with an FNG on board) and the following exercises:

100 monkey humpers

200 overhead claps

300 plank jacks

As is always the case, 6:00 can never come soon enough, and fortunately it did right as we finished up the Dora.


As previously mentioned, we had an FNG today, Zac (or maybe Zach or Zack, that info not currently at my disposal), age 27, who moved here about a year ago from Carroll County, MD. He’s got a computer science degree from UMBC, so the only logical nickname was Retriever.


  • This Wednesday, 6.00 pm, 2nd Fing at Pincher’s (the restaurant, not Pincher’s house)
  • This Wednesday, 5.15 am, Pincher Q at Nolan (I think his first since before the last time the Buckeyes lost to the team up north in football)
  • Volunteer opportunities in March – see Ripken’s posts on Mumble Chatter for more
  • March 30, big 2-year anniversary mega-convergence at Adventure Park
  • May 25 is Sup & Run at Benderson
  • Ragnar in December


  • Goob for a big job interview tomorrow
  • Retired Sarasota firefighter killed helping out at an accident on I-75 a few nights ago
  • Injured pax
  • All the Sad Clowns who haven’t found F3 yet