The Grand Slam of Beatdowns

Weather: 61 and dark (but for some reason, not as dark as last Monday)

After last Monday, it’s rather amazing that 14 pax showed up for today, made even more impressive by the fact that YHC has nowhere near the production skills of Recall – never easy to follow that guy. But they showed up, and 5:15 thankfully came around because the pre-beatdown mumble chatter was devolving into HOA Talk. YHC promptly got to the core principles and disclaimer, and we went for a mozi that included the normal butt kickers, nur, high knees and carioca x2. It was then off to the echo chamber for a COP with SSH, strawberry pickers, windmills, imperial walkers and Moroccan nightclubs (I think – I just wing it for that part).

A little background for the inspiration behind the thang. Every spring, the rugby teams of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy compete in the Six Nations competition. Every team plays the other once, and if a team wins all 5 of its games, they win the Grand Slam and get a really good excuse to drink a lot right around St. Patrick’s day, since that’s about the time the tournament ends. My dad is from Wales, my grandfather played the game when he was growing up, and so Wales is my team. On Saturday, they finished the Grand Slam by smashing Ireland 25-7, although I doubt that ruined the St. Patrick’s Day of many Irish people (including the pax, judging by the amount of mumble chatter there was about cabbage contributing to why we call it the Echo Chamber).

Since Wales won 5 games, YHC organized 5 series of exercises, each consisting of three different sets of exercises, with the number of reps in each set determined by the number of points Wales scored in each of their wins. Start on one side of the rink and do the first set, take the assigned mode of transportation over to the other side and do the 2nd set, then use the mode of transportation back and do the 3rd set. Of course, modes of transpiration were inspired by Scrum because, you know, he got the name because he played rugby. It went as follows:

Round 1: Wales 24, France 19 = 24 reps of American Hammers, Shoulder Taps and Freddie Mercuries. Mode of transportation = crab walk.

Round 2: Wales 26, Italy 15 = 26 reps of Carolina Drydocks, Lunges, and Flutter Kicks. Mode of transportation = duck walk.

Round 3: Wales 21, England 13 = 21 reps of Mountain Climbers, Leg Raises and Overhead Claps. Mode of transportation = bear crawl.

Round 4: Wales 18, Scotland 11 = 18 reps of Monkey Humpers, Merkins and Big Boy Sit ups. Mode of transportation = lunge walk.

Round 5: Wales 25, Ireland 7 = 25 reps of Moroccan Nightclubs, LBCs, and Salsa Dips. Mode of transportation = toy soldiers.

In each case, pax did a wall sit until the 6 was in, with a few extended wall sits mixed in for good measure.

With lots of time left, YHC decided to do a rinse and repeat, but using the losing team’s number of points to determine the number of reps, but preceded by a legally enforceable disclaimer that as Q, I could make changes. And we did just that for the 2nd version of Round 5 to mark the pathetic performance of Ireland on Saturday, who scored only 7 points in garbage time, so the exercises were 7 burpees, 7 burpees, and 7 burpees. Plus, this was a nice way to make Chili Pepper feel welcome.

All that done, we had a few minutes left for a Round of Mary. We got pickle pointers from Big Mac (who else?), Breakdancers from Ripken (who else?), LBCs from Thor (Captain Thors would have been better, IMHO), and Hello Dollys from Mr. Clean (which may be on their way to becoming known as Yes-Nos).


  • 2nd anniversary convergence on March 30
  • Races – almost have our 3rd Ragnar team, and Sup & Run is May 25
  • Speaking of Scrum, this Saturday at AP features a joint Rowdy/Scrum Q. I think they’re calling it Death Metal with Animals

Praises & Prayers:

  • Get better, Lambeau
  • Safe trip for Bing
  • Chili Pepper’s continued healing

Post-run was well attended (YHC, Pincher, Big Mac, McNugget, Mr. Clean, Trump and Barron) but thankfully, uneventful.