QSource | Q1.3 Queen

QSource | Q1.3 Queen

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5 Pax continued our leadership study: QSource. This morning we continued the first quadrant Get Right with Q1.3: Queen.

A Big congratulations to Kotter and his family on the birth of their first child, Valerie Grace.

Q1.3| Queen


The Daily Discipline Over What Is Put Into The Body


1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV) So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.


  • Can a good exercise routine overcome a bad diet?
  • Are some foods bad?
  • What leads a man to descend into gluttony?


Man does not stay Fit through exercise alone

  • The Queen is an integral guardrail in pursuit of proper personal alignment.
  • There is not any magical fitness routine such that the Queen could be ignored.
  • To get right, you have to exert daily discipline over what you eat.

Portion control is the key to weight control

  • In the 21st Century America, we have access to food by sitting on our butts and not doing anything. (Drive Thrus, delivery)
  • People find a workaround to get what their heart desires, therefore what has to change is the heart.
  • What works for some, may not work for others. One effective way is counting your daily net calorie intake, and adjusting as necessary.

Weight control requires Accountability

  • Not every man needs accountability to maintain his ideal weight.
  • Ectomorphs cannot gain weight even if they try to, and mesomorphs high metabolism turns extra calories into lean muscle.
  • Most men are endomorphs, our bodies store extra calories as fat, typically in our FUPA.
  • FUPA: the thickest part of a man’s torso between his waistline and his chest.
  • Set a standard: Ideal Weight and FUPA.
  • Enforcement: Daily weigh-in and FUPA taping.
  • Consequence: Adjust daily intake.
  • What works for one man, will not work for all men. We are all different.


  • Man does not stay Fit through exercise alone
  • Portion control is the key to weight control
  • Weight control requires Accountability

Homework for 3/23

Thoughts for the week:

  • Are some temptations worse than others?
  • Don’t bad men often do good things, and good men often do bad things?
  • Can a man ultimately conquer his own demons?