The 3:44 Workout

Weather: 60 and cloudy

The good news is that this week got off to a much better start than last week, owing to the fact that Bing didn’t ride a bike yesterday. So there’s that.

After a brief disclaimer and reading of the core principles, we took a mozi down the road to the dog park that included high knees, butt kickers, nur, and carioca x2. Along the way, YHC pointed out a cone that had been mysteriously placed at a strategic point in the road – more on that later. At the end of the road it was time to circle up for some SSHs, imperial walkers, strawberry pickers and windmills. We did an Indian run back up the road to the parking lot (2 lines due to the high number of pax), grabbed our drinks and headed to the echo chamber.

The inspiration for the rest of the workout required some explanation since we had some relatively new pax in attendance. A few weeks back, a member of the pax thought it would be a good idea to text a few other members of the pax (no names, please) at 3:44 am about the possibility of a pre-run. One of the replies he got was simply “3:44,” which around here quickly became a polite way of saying something that’s normally impolite. Well, since we’re F3 and we thrive on borderline (if not outright) stupidity, what’s the point of having a new item in the lexicon if you can’t build a workout around it? Today’s experiment was that workout.

Here’s the idea: 9 different exercises divided into 3 sets of 3. Do the first group of 3, then run from the rink to the cone, which was placed (according to Google) at a location that required a 344 yard run to get there. At the cone, do 3 burpees, then run back. After that, everything stacked so you did the first 3 exercises and the second 3 before the run, then all 9 exercises before the final run. Obviously, you had to do 44 reps of each exercise each time through the rotation, although to avoid open rebellion, it was made clear that you were free to divide up your 44 so as to not do them all at once (so 2 sets of 22 merkins, for example, counted as your set of 44). Here were the exercises:

Group 1:

  • Carolina drydocks
  • Jump squats
  • LBCs

Group 2:

  • Merkins
  • Plank jacks
  • American hammers

Group 3:

  • Monkey humpers
  • Overhead claps
  • Freddie Mercury

Well, that was fun. And there wasn’t even time for a Round of Mary since everyone wrapped up right around 6.00.


  • January 25, Men’s night at Bayside. Wear your F3 gear or bring extras to share with those who still need gear. Several of us are bringing older 2.0s
  • YMCA triathlon is February 10, a week after the Super Bowl
  • Bridge a Life 5k is February 16 at Benderson

Prayers & Praise reports:

  • Rowdy and his family
  • Sniper, getting a wisdom tooth out today – he declined our offer to grab a hockey stick and puck and take care of it much more efficiently and at a significant savings
  • Troops, firefighters, police and first responders

Thanks to all who joined in the fun. Until next time, Manziel out.