Merkin Festivus

5 men braved the fart sack this AM for the Merkin Festivus!!

Mosey to parking lot for a warm up of;

20 SSHs

20ish cotton picks

20ish helicopters

The Thang

Lucky 11s

1 Merkin bear crawl to the other side of the parking lot and 11 LBCs

The pax called the audible half way through but lunges were much needed.

The Unconditional Triangle;

25 dips run the a tree 25 pole smokers run to the next tree 25 squats repeat 3 times each time picking a tree that was further in distance.

The Unconditional Beast 

Round 1; run 25 yards drop for 6 merkins than run 25 more yards 6 more merkins we did this for 100 yards and back.

Round 2; run 25 yards 16 legs lifts and repeat round one, ran 200 yards of beast.


Just in time for 3 minutes of Mary;

30-60-90 merkin style

30-60-90 old fashion style

Great work today men and welcome back to Mopar!!

Thank you for letting me lead today it was cold but we warmed up quick.

Prayers to all PAX members going through family issues and health problems.

Be the light to someone around you toady was our prayer!!!!!

Be Super and awesome today fellas..

Flash over and out