Super Easy Beatdown

Conditions 43 and low humidity w no wind! (Just incredible)

12 Men somehow dug in deep and pulled the”FartSack” covers off and rode out into the Chilly Gloom.

Bing, Sparky,Ripken and BIGMAC all showed up early for a 2-3mile pre run!


2 laps including the usual stuff… butt kickers, high knee,kerioke,and Nur X2.


Ssh, Strawberry pickers,mountain climbers, wind mills, imperial Walkers and Bad back stretches! Lots of warming up in the cold.

The Thang

20 ssh

20 over head claps

20 squats

20 lbc’s

20 Carolina drydocks

20 lunges

20 American hammers

20 merkins

40 mountain climbers

10 Burpees

So, the Pax stared w the first exercise 20 ssh and the had to run about 25 yards (go by and touch Old Glory) heading to Merkin corner and do 10 Merkins of pax choice rotating Merck’s ( regular, wide, diamond,decline…..) run back and repeat first exercise then add 2nd exercise until list was completed!

This boot camp starts out easy enough, but crescendos into a beatdown!?

When the 6 was in we had 4 minutes to work a round of Mary’s.

Bing lbc

6 Pack side things that hurt

BigMac monkey humpers


Sniper having an event at his house for F5 and F3 on Sunday at 5

Gigantor praise to Ripken and everyone who participated in the homeless Christmas function! Sparky mentioned a great Witness story that him and Rowdy had.


Ripken’s Dad who is in the hospital

JD lost wallet.  No identity theft happens

prayers for all the homeless

Praises/prayers for this Pax and the leadership that continues to evolve

Thanks for having me Suncoast F3! I am so glad to be a part of this.

JD out….