Sprints & Tibata & Boxing

Weather: cold and breezy (mid-40s).

Pre-run: 5-miles for YHC and Ripken.

Welcome: Chili Pepper was early (okay, well, he was on time, but that’s early for him). YHC doesn’t recall a disclaimer or the 5-core principles being stated. So, clearly, a bit of Q-training is in the offing for the Chili Pepper. After Pepper said nothing, away we all went for a 2-lap Mosey that included the usual suspects of high knees, nur, and something else mumbled from the QIC.


  1. YHC doesn’t recall since the beatdown was so long ago.

The Thang:The pax circled-up for the instructions. YHC vaguely remembers something about sprinting and then getting in circle. Away we went for a quick sprint to the end of the parking lot and then a quick sprint back.

We circled-up for the usual Thunderstruck gimmick. The pax tooled-around wondering if anything would be different — nope. Just typical Chili fare. After the burpee appetizer, we sprinted again to the end of the parking lot, then jogged to the other end and finished with another sprint to the meeting point. You know, ho-hum.

Next up was tibata (20 sec on, 10 sec off) featuring mirkins, planks, and other uneventful offerings. YHC does recall being thankful for gloves.

We finished with something that resembled boxing.


  1. Bridge A Life Superhero 5k is Sat, Feb 16

Prayers / Praises:

  1. First Responders safety.
  2. Injured pax.
  3. For Chili’s ability to put together a backblast.

Gridlock, picking-up the 6 (as it relates to long-overdue backblasts).