Slippery When Wet

It was wet, really wet.  Sitting in a pace line during a rain storm requires no additional hydration.

Fortunately all Pax returned to Wawa unscathed, but soaked to the core and covered in road grime.  “I haven’t been this dirty since my frat house’s hazing my Freshman year,” said Bing.  We aren’t sure what he was talking about, but something about a goat was overheard shortly after.  Baaaaa!

This cycling AO has turned into a winner.  If you don’t have a bike, talk to Big Mac.  He got a decent bike at Walmart for $300.  If he turns out to be a serious rider, he may be looking for an upgrade.  Based on his first ride, he’s halfway there.

Trump made good progress too, making it the whole 20 miles on Pincher’s hybrid bike.  No easy task considering the weather.  YHC brought home Big Mac who ran out of light and was riding in the dark.  Big Mac and Bing claimed to see two possums making love.  On the heels of Bing’s frat house story, I don’t know what to believe.

The names of people were not changed to protect the innocent, but all references to parties were pulled from thin air.

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  1. Hilarious..and sick, all at the same time. But loved this morning…and yes, the dirt and grime was a nice treat to the laundry pile this morning. Waiting for comments from the M on that one!

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