Field of Dreams

5 men can out for some BB UVA style.

Mosey to the back field for a warm up.

20 SShs

10 Merkins

20 LBCs

10 Flutter Kicks


Ran 25 years 6 merkins we divided the field into 4 stations at each station we did a different exercise.

Ran the beast back 10 flutter kids

Ran the field 10 Carolina dry docks

Ran the field American Hammers

Ran the field 100 yard sprints than lunge to the other side than sprinted we did 4 laps of this modified BEAST.


1 merkins bear crawl 10 yards and 10 American hammers with WW2s

Continued until 10 merkins and 1 Hammer

Moseyed back to the flag for  30-60-90s the crowd pleaser!!!

ended with 10 MT climbers


Prayers for Slater’s wife

Prayers for all PAX members hurt or fart sacked!!!

Thanks to Slater for taking us out and getting our focus on GOD

Thanks for showing up in the rain always fun to talk about unconditional surrender classic run to the top of the bridge during a tropical storm and scream over the bridge.