Soggy Cat and Mouse

The gloom starts with a GroupMe radar post of what awaits us. Let’s just say we didn’t need to worry about hydration.

The PAX meets as usually with one new VC showing, as BigMac isn’t afraid to get his special sauce washed away. Off we go with just a light sprinkle starting to form.

We start out at a steady 18 mph which is the upper limits for some of the Pax, so Ripken, Bing, and YHC step it up a notch giving Bing a chance to break in his new boots and pedals.

As usual more separation formed throughout the ride, allowing for some circling back to bring in the 6. There was a few more games of cat and mouse played today, as the steaming water off the tires made it impossible to catch a draft. By this point it was a steady rain.

Ripken thankfully played role of safety patrol and assisted Big Mac with some light since he hadn’t gotten his own yet.

Weather was not holding this PAX back, a pleasure to ride amongst these great brothers of F3 Suncoast!