Salty Salsa Breakfast Bump and Run

With Severe Storms just north of us lighting up the skies we started of with our Core Principles and Disclaimers before our Mosy

Mosy began with a couple of loops around the parking lot doing butt kickers, karaokes and nur’s. We circled up for for some SSH’s , strawberry pickers and Imp walkers.

The Thang

18 HIM’s headed up the road towards Greenbrook Blvd stopping at each speed bump (6 stops) doing 20 reps of Merkins and 20 Flutters.

On the way back down the conversation started to head south but we still did 20 Shoulders Taps and 20 Freddy Mercuries at each speed bump.

With the skies really lighting up north of us but staying there we were able to head back up the road again this time doing 20 Overhead Claps and 20 Salsa Dips (Squats) and each speed bump. A sad clown was not happy that we were working out behind his house on the road and he let us know that on our way up.

On the way back down we did respect the sad clown by requesting silent mode when we were behind his house BUT we did do 20 Moroccan NC’s and 20 Monkey Humpers on the way back down.

With a few minutes left we did a round of Mary including American Hammers, LBC’s and Burpees


Upcoming races were discussed(Gator, SUP and Run, Ragnar)

Prayers for 2 different Kelly families







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