What a beautiful morning it was. Low 70’s to start Mid 80’s at the end. Sunny, wet grass and 10 H.I.M posted at Lion Pride.

7am-5 core principals, disclaimer…let’s Mozy on up featuring Nurr, High Knees, Butt Kickers & Karaoke.

Rowdies 30 minutes- Partner up for a DORA with Mother/Grandmother Hill option. 300 Murkins, 200 Mt. Climbers and 100 Carolina Dry Docks. Most chose Mother Hill Most of the time, a few chose Mother Hill every time, everyone gave it ALL they had. It took the whole time with a couple teams picking up reps n runs for others, Leave no man behind. Great work y’all! Thanks for playing along and working so hard!

DeFibs 30 minutes- “Wednesday Workout”! DeFib announced that his goal was to keep our heart rates around 120 for the entire segment! Let’s begin…50 LBC’s, 10 Cheryl Teagues each side, run approximately 1/2 mile with 4 on the roar, 40 Lbc”s, 10 Cheryl Teagues each side, run approximately 1/4 mile with a 4 on the roar, 30 Lbc’s then 4 on the roar, 10 Cheryl Teagues each side, run approximately 1/8 of a mile, 50 Lbc’s, more Cheryl Teagues, run 1/8 of a mile, 50 Lbc’s (until Rowdy made the mistake of whining and begging for a Big Boy Sit Up) interrupted by 4 on the roar, 10 Cheryl Teagus, run 1/4 mile, 50 Big Boy Sit Ups, !0 Cheryl Teagues, run 1/4 mile and Big Boy Sit Ups till 400 or 30 minutes was up. I gotta admit I thought DeFib was a nice guy and then I split a Q with HIM! Great beatdown,

8am- Name O Rama
Praise Reports- DeFibs son is in the clear, running around again healthy!
Announcements- Papa Smuf gonna get a Newsletter out, Ragnar has a 3rd team building!, Snipers Farm Bureau Picnic needs help, Iron Sharpens Iron Mens Conference in April we have a table yo”, Gator Wilderness Races.

Prayer Requests- Our brave 1st Responders Sniper, Zeus n Hercules

Clutch…ya mind take’n us out with a prayer bro?!

f3.Respect.Rowdy out.