Running Day!

Weather 53 degrees. Feels like 53 Degrees

QIC: ShamWow

Pax: Bing, ShamWow, Rowdy, Crabcakes, Yamaha

5:15 hit, it was too cold for small talk, Garmin watches started and we were off. Bing, Crabcakes and Yamaha planned for 6 miles at 8:45 pace and ended up just a tad faster at 8:30 pace.

ShamWow, Rowdy and Lambeau took to the bridge for their usual fun.

All returned at roughly 6p for COT.


  • Convergence on Saturday 7a at Adventure Park
  • GrowRuck is open for registration


  • ShamWow and his 6-month cardiologist check up (and his memory to remember his doctors name)
  • Rowdy’s unique living situation
  • Yamaha’s family battling illness
  • First responders and military
  • Bing’s friend Jon and his son upon losing dear friend to suicide.


Pax, find a way to live like Ryan, the friend of Jon who committed suicide. Ryan made a huge impact on many peoples lives, but lost the battle of depression. What kind of impact are you making in peoples lives? To read more about Ryan and the impact he made on my friend, click here: Facebook Post