Rotten to the Core in the Echo Chamber

It was a welcome pleasure to feel the “cool” 65 degree temperature. Looked like a light morning then the lights started coming down the road along with a F5 Veteran but F3 FNG Tiger.

11 HIM’s headed off on a MOSY staying near the pavilion due to the fact that A LOT of the PAX are sick. We circled up in the echo chamber and did some SSH’s, Strawberry Pickers and Imp Walkers.


Using the goal line, mid “ice” and far goal line each PAX member perform 20 REP’s are each of the exercises below at each line.

Reverse Crunch’s, Side Plank Hip Raises, Butterfly Sit ups, Flutters and Mountain Climbers

We left the echo chamber and headed up the hill doing a speed bump run doing 20 LBC’s and each speed bump , heading back down we stopped at every speed bump and did 20 American Hammers.

With some time left we did a round of 11 using the parking lot doing Windmills and Toy Soldiers.

Circled up for a round of Mary and YHC picked Chili who called out 20 Burpees which when done ended the round of Mary.



Reminder of all the events going on including Care 2 Tri , Boo Run, Outreach on Dec 11. There were also prayer requests for Jd’s daughter and for all the PAX that are sick right now.

Due to the fact of the bug going around we all knelt in place instead of circling up for our “COT”