Rink of Pain

Drake provided the disclaimer and core principles as we welcomed 2 FNG’s.

Disclaimer… there were 19 brothers in attendance but I can not remember the last one.. SORRY… sucks getting old 🙂

We started off with a Mosy around the pond and pakring lot perform some high knee’s, butt kickers and karaokes.

We then heading into the echo chamber and circled up to do some SSHs, strawberry pickers and  windmills…. then it was time the thang

We counted off to 5 as there are 5 circles in the rink… and we each headed to our starting circle.

In each circle there was 4 cones with exercises on each cone.

Circle 1 – Flutters, Toy Soldiers, Lunges and Freddy Mercuries

Circle 2 – Butterfly sit ups, LBC’s, Side lunges and American Hammers

Circle 3 – Burpees, Merkins, Plank Jacks and Shoulder Taps

Circle 4 – Moroccan Night Clubs, Small Circles, Large Circles and Planks

Circle 5 – SSH’s, Windmills, Toy Soldiers and Jump Squats

Each group did the same exercise for 1 minute, quick break and continue doing each exercise for 1 minute. When all 4 were completed then you moved to next circle sometimes by bear crawl, next time crab walk and sometimes just walking. Every group did all 4 exercises in each circle and they did all 5 circles.

After this was completed we partnered up in the center circle..

While one partners ran 3 laps around the inside of the rink their partner was doing exercises… this continued while everyone did

100 – Merkins,

200 – Squats

300 – SSH’s

There were praises and prayers for our PAX families that are struggling right now.