One Minute Challenge

Weather: Foggy, 53 degrees

Word of the Day: Church – A gathering of like-minded people for the same cause. F3 is definitely a church. We men were grateful to have Jesus join us for the workout today.  I hear he wasn’t even winded.

After the obligatory mozy with a impromptu set of burpees rudely added, we headed to the field.  Side straddle hops, merkins, air squats and groiners got us loose.  Richard Simmons made a cameo appearance.  Fortunately no spectators were around.

The “One Minute Challenge” consisted of doing 6 burpees in the first minute, 7 in the second, 8 in the third and so on.  Once you could no longer finish the minute, you became a cheerleader doing additional burpees or side straddle hops to keep your heart pumping.  Everyone made it to 11, a few made it to 16, one made it to 20…but he was an Olympian.

The second “One Minute Challenge” took us to the Nolan parking lot.  We ran two parking spots, touched the line and came back which was one rep.  During the first minute, 6 back/forth runs happened, second minute was 7 and so on.  15 seemed to be the max.

We did a short team run/exercise combo platter of LBCs and Carolina Dry Docks, then ran back to the field.

We finished with some sevens, because…why not!

During the Circle of Trust we learned of a random person that needed prayer for a son.  Recall’s son is making great strides and Backdraft is on the mend.  We prayed for all and asked for a humbleness to see those in need…to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Don’t miss Monday at Adventure Park and 6Packs VQ.  It’s gonna suck…in a good way.