Hill Training – Florida Style

Weather: 67 and Moist

5 HIM arose from the fartsack on a post Thanksgiving eat-down to endure a Bing Beatdown.  Knowing a few of the Pax are in final throws of training for Ragnar, I felt it necessary to provide a bit of hill training.  With an FNG present, the full disclaimer was shared and we took off for a short mosey.

COP included:

  • SSH  IC x20
  • Windmill IC x 10
  • Annies (Plank and wash floor with one hand/switch on Q call) – Photo provided for Ripken who claims to not know who Annie is.

  •  Mountain Climbers IC x15

The initially mosey conveniently placed us at the top of the largest incline at Nathan Benderson Park, so a round of 11’s was necessary.  Starting at the bottom of the hill with 1 LBC and 10 Merkins up top, continuing until you have reached 10 LBCs and 1 Merkin.

Next up was the introduction of BurpBack Mountain as the Pax in attendance have not had the pleasure of doing this exercise yet.  Partner 1 does Burpees while Partner 2 runs up the hill backwards/back down forwards 5 times.  We did this for 2 complete rounds.

All in all, the total elevation climb for this workout was 366ft, which might equal one lap of Ragnar.

After a mosey back to the main parking lot, the same partner teams did 10 dips and Merkins while waiting for 3 rounds.

To conclude the drizzly workout, the pax did a quick round of Mary, all abs, including:

  • Flutter kicks
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Running in place tightening core (need a name for this)
  • Leg Climbs
  • American Hammers
  • One more but can’t remember

Once the workout and COT were complete, Ripken coerced, I mean convinced Sniper and Fudgy to go for a run around NBP (3.1 miles).


  • Due to tight availability on space, the F3 Lakewood Ranch Christmas party will be shifted to January for a post Christmas Party. All toys are being donated in honor of Operation Sweettooth
  • During the month of December, Pax will be asked to donate unwrapped gifts to be donated to the Children’s Hospital in St. Pete.  Details will be shared this weekend.
  • Ragnar is coming up quickly and the team appears to be complete.
  • 6Pack has found a job!!  Prayers do work.
  • 6Pack has his VQ on Monday at Adventure Park!


  • Jimmy Dean thanking the Pax for being there for him and giving him the push to improve his fitness.
  • Praise to Joel, now Fudgy for hanging in as a solid FNG on a tough beatdown.
  • Prayers for those who have lost family, as we know the holiday season can be extra difficult, including Olive and his family (Pax in NC who lost his daughter).