Hill Training – Florida Style

Weather: 67 and Moist

5 HIM arose from the fartsack on a post Thanksgiving eat-down to endure a Bing Beatdown.  Knowing a few of the Pax are in final throws of training for Ragnar, I felt it necessary to provide a bit of hill training.  With an FNG present, the full disclaimer was shared and we took off for a short mosey.

COP included:

  • SSH  IC x20
  • Windmill IC x 10
  • Annies (Plank and wash floor with one hand/switch on Q call) – Photo provided for Ripken who claims to not know who Annie is.

  •  Mountain Climbers IC x15

The initially mosey conveniently placed us at the top of the largest incline at Nathan Benderson Park, so a round of 11’s was necessary.  Starting at the bottom of the hill with 1 LBC and 10 Merkins up top, continuing until you have reached 10 LBCs and 1 Merkin.

Next up was the introduction of BurpBack Mountain as the Pax in attendance have not had the pleasure of doing this exercise yet.  Partner 1 does Burpees while Partner 2 runs up the hill backwards/back down forwards 5 times.  We did this for 2 complete rounds.

All in all, the total elevation climb for this workout was 366ft, which might equal one lap of Ragnar.

After a mosey back to the main parking lot, the same partner teams did 10 dips and Merkins while waiting for 3 rounds.

To conclude the drizzly workout, the pax did a quick round of Mary, all abs, including:

  • Flutter kicks
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Running in place tightening core (need a name for this)
  • Leg Climbs
  • American Hammers
  • One more but can’t remember

Once the workout and COT were complete, Ripken coerced, I mean convinced Sniper and Fudgy to go for a run around NBP (3.1 miles).


  • Due to tight availability on space, the F3 Lakewood Ranch Christmas party will be shifted to January for a post Christmas Party. All toys are being donated in honor of Operation Sweettooth
  • During the month of December, Pax will be asked to donate unwrapped gifts to be donated to the Children’s Hospital in St. Pete.  Details will be shared this weekend.
  • Ragnar is coming up quickly and the team appears to be complete.
  • 6Pack has found a job!!  Prayers do work.
  • 6Pack has his VQ on Monday at Adventure Park!


  • Jimmy Dean thanking the Pax for being there for him and giving him the push to improve his fitness.
  • Praise to Joel, now Fudgy for hanging in as a solid FNG on a tough beatdown.
  • Prayers for those who have lost family, as we know the holiday season can be extra difficult, including Olive and his family (Pax in NC who lost his daughter).

F3 Suncoast