Foggy Gloom

It was indeed a foggy morning, with a wet 50 degrees gracing our skin. YHC was eager to get on our mosey in order to turn up the heat.


Pax moseyed a route up to the top of Skyfield and ran through 3 rounds of a Mary-style warmup. Warmup was well-received, as pax were unsheltered from any sunless breeze. Gratitude is often a relative value.

The Thang


  • Run Mother Hill/Granny Hill Loop 1
  • Hand-release burpees 10
  • Run Mother Hill/Granny Hill Loop 1
  • Absolution (Leg lift, LBC, V-Up) 10

Today’s beatdown was very deceptive and the 6 were just able to finish within the hour. The Granny may be shorter but she still retains as much of a punishment as the Mother.


  • Go Ruck Light in Orlando February 10 followed by Go Ruck Scavenger that same afternoon with Ms. Get it on your schedule! Sign up information here for Light and here for Scavenger
  • Prayer for Diesel’s wife back pain – for healing and help
  • Prayer for Kotter’s in-laws traveling