One HIIT Wonders Repeat

Weather: 68 and no humidity.

The pax embarked on to the AlphaQuadrant AO with anticipation of another Bing beatdown, little did they know they were in for a surprise.  YHC loved the Ripken beatdown from the day before that it was decided to share it with more pax…so it was time for the One HIIT Wonders beatdown II. The sequel, like many sequels, had a few changes thrown in, and the pax from Friday were very appreciative of that! A disclaimer was read and we were off for an extended mosey including high knees, butt kickers, NUR, toy soliders and carioca x2.  Once back at rink, it was time for COP:

  • SSH x20IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10IC
  • Merkins x15
  • 30-60-90
  • LBCs x10IC

Knowing we had a lot of work ahead of us, it was time to jump directly into the Thang.


Is there any better One HIIT wonder than the Jenny song  by Tommy TuTone?

Staring in the rink, the Pax would perform the exercise listed on the board of pain.  Once completed the first exercise, we ran out to the swings for swing crunches (feet in swing, bring knees to stomach), rinse and repeat for each exercise listed on the board.  The rink exercise count was noted on the board, the swing crunch followed the order of the phone number 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 (the 0 was 10 reps).

Rink exercises included the following:

  1. 20 Breakdancers (20 es)
  2. 40 Flutterkicks
  3. 60 LBCs
  4. 80 Moroccan Night Clubs
  5. 100 Powerknees (50 es)
  6. 10 Get Ups
  7. 20 Big Boy Situps
  8. 30 Peter Parkers (15 es)
  9. 40 Wide Merkins
  10. 50 American Hammers (50 es)
  11. 60 Jump Rope
  12. 70 Squats
  13. 80 Cross Jacks (40 es)
  14. 90 Mountain Climbers (90 es)
  15. 100 Upper cuts (100 es)
  16. 5 Super Burpees
  17. 15 Diamond Merkins
  18. 25 Bomb Jacks
  19. 35 Reverse Crunches
  20. 45 Log Jumps
  21. 55 Shoulder taps (55 es)
  22. 65 Seal Jacks
  23. 75 Arm Flutters (Fly away)
  24. 85 Freddie Mercuries (85 es)
  25. 95 High Knees (95 es)

The pax pushed hard and enjoyed the tunes of many one hit wonders throughout the hour.  As the pax circled up, we were visited by the Harley Davidson riding Jimmy Dean who elected to recover from the beatdown provided in the Friday gloom.


  • F3 Movers called to action for Lambeau move – 10:40 clown car from DQ on 64
  • 12/8 – Stocking Stuffing Party at Recall’s pad – provide him with your email for RSVP
  • 12/11 – Homeless Fellowship night
  • February `19 – Bridge a life 5k
  • Superbowl Sunday – Tri – sign up


  • Praise for prayers working for Drake!
  • Praise for new home for Lambeau and family
  • Prayer request for Chili Peppers job search
  • All spoken and unspoken prayers

Always an honor to lead this fine group of High Impact Men!

~Bing Out