Nolan, No Music This Time

Sadly, no music this Wednesday morning at Nolan. Click here for the good stuff. We just had a good old-fashioned beatdown.

We started with a mosey around the roads to McNeal. The PAX could choose their own warm-up exercises during the mosey. For some reason, every single PAX choose to do monkey-humpers for the drivers coming along Lorraine Road.

The flag pole outside McNeal was the base for this beatdown. Each circuit consisted three steps:

  • Start at the flag pole.
  • One lap of the square in front of McNeal.
  • One running lap of the parking lot.

The first circuit was hillybilly walkers and big-boy situps. We followed that with circuits of lunges, inchworm plank, Bobby Hurleys, merkins, burpees and more.

The final run back to Nolan required 19 mountain-climbers on each corner.

Lots of prayers today: for the families of Drake, Shamwow, Bing, Ripken, and Defib.