Tuesday Tower Time 10.15.19

Date: 10/15/19
Weather: 75 cool and clear

QIC: Dasani

PAX:Trane, Goob, Trump, Chilli Pepper, Sir Wallace, Steel, Ace, Big Mac, Clutch, Shamwow, EyeSpy, Stage Coach, Snapshot, Diesel, Banjo, Slater, Condenser, Dasani

As condenser slid into the group at the strike of 5:15 YHC welcomed the PAX and headed off for a quick Mozi. Around the outside of the parking lot with some butt kickers and high knees to get warmed up.
We circled up in the parking lot for some SSH, Strawberry Pickers and leg stretches. Before we broke for the THANG at the tower, YHC shared the message, or “theme” for the day.
With some potentially life changing opportunity being presented recently, I’ve been forced to ask myself the question “Am I giving up what I want most, for what I want now” – The idea being that just because it feels good now, doesn’t mean it will in a week, or month or year. Is the “instant gratification” advancing your long term goal?

Applying this to your daily routine is the goal, but in the “instant gratification” sense… apply it to the next 45 minutes of beatdown. See below

As we huddled at the base of the tower I realized I had made a mistake as a good Q. and forgot to recite the 5 core principals and disclaimers (thinking back, that should have been punishable by 5 burpees…next time!)
After the housekeeping was taken care of we got into it.

At the base of the tower we circled up to see what awaited us.
We were to do the suggested exercise and reps, then run to the top of the tower and repeat those exercises and reps.
Once complete, run back down to the bottom to do your next set of exercises and increased rep count…then back to the top and repeat.

20x LBC’s
20x Squats
20x Mountain Climbers


25x Flutter Kicks
25x Imperial Walkers
25x Freddy Mercury’s


30x American Hammers
30x Gas Pumps
:60sec Plank

Here was where the “theme” came into play… it was your choice to double down on the reps…starting with LBC’s, Squats, Mtn Climbers and do 40x….. OR repeat the set at 20x reps.
“Do today what others wont, so you can do tomorrow what others cant”

About halfway through we handle a random FNG who was on his casual morning jog inquire about why we were grunting and groaning on the ground. I believe he said his name was Eli?
We convinced him to join in, which he did…for a minute and then Houdini’d  – Maybe he’ll be back someday? We told him where to find us.

We finished at the top of the tower at 6:00am sharp.

Thank you gents for the opportunity once again to lead this group. It is a privilege.

Starbucks on Fruitville after – first john, second and third john discussion.
Ragnar shirt order is open
There have been a lot of runs posted in the coming months to participate in.

Bing & Shamwow’s Brother/Son Stephen is back home healing well in Detroit. He was able to drive his car again for the first time, albeit it was stolen, vandalized and recovered…. Sounds like Detroit. He said in all his years as a pastor he has never felt the power of prayer as strong as when he needed it most the past weeks and is thankful. Well done men

Cotter’s M and her medical condition
Pray for amazon who is recovering from a knee surgery

Trump’s mother and his family
Diesel’s M

After finishing our COT, Condenser noted that he felt the heaviness that Trump was feeling…that Trump wasn’t as “UP” as he usually is, and asked that he come to the center and let us as his brothers lift him up and give him strength. Trump obliged and Condenser lead us in a very much needed and powerful prayer asking for our savior to pour himself into Trump and his family and give them strength through their difficult times. Thank you for doing that Condenser… This is what makes this group special. We’re here for yo Trump.

God Bless