MVP 5000+50

Weather: a bit chilly (low 50s) with a bit of wind.

Pre-run: 5-miles for YHC and Ripken.

Welcome: said hello and away we went for a quick two laps around the parking lot that included high knees, lateral slides and nur.


  1. SSH x20IC
  2. Mt Climbers x20IC
  3. Hillbilly Walkers x20IC
  4. Old-school Football “down” Dill

The Thang: Since YHC was deeply saddened by the Chiefs’ exit from Super Bowl contention at the hands of the diabolical Patriots, I conjured up a nice way to honor the soon-to-be NFL MVP — KC Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes, in just his second year, set many KC franchise records, but he also joined some short lists of truly great QBs. In 2018, Mahomes threw for over 5000 yds (5097 to be exact) and 50 TDs, joining only Peyton Manning in the 5000+50 club.

So, YHC thought it would be nice to spend the gloom running 5000 yds (i.e., a 5k) and work-in 50 touchdowns (aka burpees)! This would include 21 parking lot laps, 5 burpees at the start, and 1 burpee at each end of the parking lot per lap, and 5 burpees at the finish. Simple workout in thought, more challenging to complete.

In addition, YHC brought along his trusty sledgehammer for the pax to carry for their unlucky lap — if the sledge was there for the taking upon the start of a pax’s lap, he had to grap it and carry it for the whole lap. The sledge represents the smashing of goals, meant to be carried with an Old Spice swagger!

All 9 pax completed the challenge and we had no extra time to account for. Well done!


  1. Bayside Men’s Night, meet at 6:10 on Fri at Baptismal.
  2. Tri Your Heart Out is sold out.
  3. Bridge A Life Superho 5k is Sat, Feb 16…have 9 pax signed-up!

Prayers / Praises:

  1. First Responder’s safety.
  2. Injured pax.

YHC, is thankful to have led! Great job pushing to the end!

“To do what others cannot do, be willing to do what others will not do.”