Monday Dec 17th Backblast

Rowdy, self admittedly, whipped this one up as I went. I like to shoot from the hip anyway.  As some started out cold it didn’t take too long for the running to warm up souls.

Ripken 1min late payed his Burpee.  ChilliPepper 4mins late payed his 4 Burpees and they were SUPER!

After all that unpleasantness we started with some stretching, arm circles, laundry machines, strawberry pickers (IC) and windmills (IC). 2x round the parking lot mosey featuring nur, karaoke, butt kickers and high knees right onto the track for Burpee Indian Run, over the bridge onto trail for 5 Murkins Indian Run. Back at the parking alot of Men started shedding layers and Planking or SSH while some of us chose to run n get our 6’s. Pincher, Goob n Rowdy decided to sprint a bit. 6’s in and now we go…back to the track for some Plank Line to Animal Walk?-Bear Crawl first followed by Duck Walk.Finish with 17 SSH to commemorate the 17th day of Advent.

Now to the Echo Chamber for 2 rounds of “Rowdy Says”! Yay. Chillipepper demonstrated punishment Super Burpess, with way to much glee! Round 1 Upper Body featuring Murkins, Dry Docks and Morrocan Night Clubs. Rowdy once again tried to trip up the group to no avail! 5 punishment Super Burpees, not worth it! Stuck with 17 IC for all the exercises for 17th day of Advent, not the brightest idea. Round 2 Core! LBC’s, Big Boy Situps and American Hammers IC. Rowdy was able to get some people in this round who felt they would exercise free will, totally worth it! 5 Super Burpees for a few. Ripken, who has a bad habit of just standing up whenever he wants had to split early and got to end his Beatdown with 5 Super Burpees. 34 secs left… Jump Squats and onto COT.

Kinda quiet today but Chillipepper asked for prayers for his families safe travels as they come to visit and for his interview later in the day. Although I forgot to throw our brave and highly respected 1st Responders in the prayer we never forget you guys.

I apologize if today’s Beatdown was a lil’ sloppy. I’m dealing with a spiritual dilemma and my brain has been elsewhere for a few days.  I appreciate y’all comn out and hope you had as much fun as I did. I really needed the fellowship and laughs. Thank you Men.