Suggestion box is open!!!

The request from a  pax member has been met.  Two weeks ago we had sideways rain during most of the AO. During that time a pax member asked if we were going to get out of the rain and head for the covered area my response was NO, and we still have wet gear from that day.  So today was for Hercules at his request.

Mosey to the covered area and then circled up;

60s some SSH I lost count I was just waiting for a couple of pax members to beak the SSHs for a signal to stop.

10 Flashdance T claps

10 arm circles

The Thang;

We broke up into 2 teams for triple table who’s willing who’s able than a bear crawl to the next table.

Started with 5 reps of jump ups, 5 incline merkins, 5 LBCs we than bear crawled to the next table for 10 than next for 15 we reached each picnic table for a total of 60.

Mosey to the flag for 2 loops of fun run.

Well that took way longer what I had planned but so much fun.

Prayers shout out for

Double Deuce’s father

Hercules’s dog

Gator camp for the lose of their chief


Thanks again to my fellow pax members for the opportunity to lead!!