Is That All You Got?

Weather – Low 60’s with some fog late in the ride

QIC: Bing

Pax: Bing, Pincher, Drake, Zipp, Cottontail, Yamaha, Brutus

6am: Zipp and Cottontail rolled back into the parking lot to find a waiting crew, eager to get out and see what the morning brought us.  COT prior to departure as is customary in our Cycling AO.

Prayers: Drake’s Mom, Brutus’ friend recovering from 5x Bypass, recovering pax from Ragnar and a safe ride in the gloom.

Announcements: Ready to rock and roll with the Salvation army event.  Ronald McDonald house is also all set. If interested in participating, then let Mr. Clean know.  Currently 11+ signed up.

Now it was time to ride…the pace was decent heading out, but it all got ugly once the famous Pincher words were said to YHC…IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?  Traffic cleared and the Pax took off, reaching speeds of 26 MPH+.  Secondary groups formed including Yamaha, Cotton Tail and YHC as I was done after my initial burst.  Drake, Pincher and Zipp kept it up and hammered it out to Fruitville.  The faster pax averaged 21+ MPH and the remainder around 20 MPH.  Brutus is also setting land records on his 36 lb pure steel mountain cruiser, with double digit Strava achievements. We might NEVER get that guy on a road bike!

Iron is truly being sharpened.

Until next week –

~Bing Out