If the weather is…

Weather: Raining a lot

QIC Bing

Pax: Dogo, Manziel, Brutus, Bing, Sniper, Ripken

Lots of messages in the Groupme cycling channel about watching the radar and if it’s raining, I’m fartsacking…clearly certain pax chose to not obey a core principle. Good news, no rain at 6am at Wawa. Bad news, it’s Florida and we got poured on just beyond Lorraine and University.

Dogo and Sniper took off and left YHC to wallow in puddles alone, which was fine with YHC. Circled back to get Brutus and then saw Manziel along they way. Neither of which melted from the rain.

Ripken get special honors for departing at 4:30a, arriving at Benderson for a brick run, followed by a Bootcamp and return ride. Our monthly Csaup but he was solo this month.

All in all, a great ride and even better push out of the comfort zone.


-Bing Out