Thursday Running AO: Out to Launch

Weather – Humid…”to infinity and beyond”

QIC: Lancelot

Pax: Lancelot, Bing, Lambeau, Crabcakes, Goob

Pre-Run: Lancelot at 4:15, 5 miles

A quick formality of obligation of the 5 Fs, then headed out.

Headed north, the pax headed off , going for the 6+ route. Within 5 mintues, “Houston we have a problem”, Lancelot wiped out and crashed. Waved the rest of the Pax to go on.

Lambeau caught up w/ Lancelot, and both set out for a 3+ run.

*** Fellowship with the Ft Hamer AO Run is much appreciated every week.

COT ended with a great show from the Rocket launch.

Announcements: Sept 7th Launching of Clearwater F3,  Sept 9th McDonald House, Sign up to Q in August

Prayers: to all in need of help/ physically & mentally. All First Responders & Military, past and present.


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