Follow the Leader

AO:  Nolan

Weather:  96% humidity… uggh.

Pax:  Bing, Deep Dish, Lancelot, McNuggett, ShamWow, Sniper, Ripken, 6Pack, Olympus, BigMac, Manziel, Goob (QIC)

Their were no FNG’s, the disclaimer was stated, members grumbled upon hearing modify as necessary today, and the mozy began.  The mozy consisted of 2 laps around the parking lot and included buttkickers, high knees, carioca each way, and nur.  We gathered in the center of the parking lot and did both SSH and Strawberry Pickers in cadence to 10.  The pax then were instructed to do Willie Mays Hayes stretches for 30 seconds followed by Michael Phelps for 30 seconds.  At this point, Goob informed everyone that there would NOT be 109 burpees or anything else today.  Folks were glad.  Their gladness would be short-lived.

The Thang:  Everyone was informed to run to the bike rack and part A of the beatdown was laid out.  Individually and on your own pace, 25 tricep dips, 25 modified pull-ups/pull-throughs, 25 salsa dips, and 25 Peter Parkers needed to be completed.  At the completion, the Pax was to run the parking lot loop and plank for the six.  Once lap one was done, the instructions were to rinse and repeat.  I believe Bing said, “at least it’s dips”.  Goob was ecstactic to inform the Pax that this was indeed just the warmup.  Groaning ensued along with the first suggestions of what Goob could do and/or where he perhaps should go.  Round 2 was completed.  Upon arrival of the six, the beatdown was moved to the basketball courts.  Naturally, everyone LOVED having the additional distance added to their run total.

Part A Breakdown-

  • 50 Tricep Dips
  • 50 Pull-throughs
  • 50 Salsa Dips
  • 50 Peter Parkers
  • 2 full (additional) laps

The FOR REAL THANG:  Ripken was called upon to demonstrate a well executed break-dancer.  BigMac demonstrated his preferred modification.  The Pax were informed of their simple assignment for the morning- follow the leader.  We spread out across the baseline and simply did as YHC instructed.  This event was patterned and performed in 4 sets of 5.

  • Set 1-  baseline to baseline wind sprint, 5 breakdancers
  • Set 2- baseline to baseline wind sprint, 10 burpees
  • Set 3- baseline to baseline wind sprint, 15 LBC’s
  • Set 4- baseline to baseline wind sprint, 20 merkins
  • Finishing move-  sprint to baseline, touch line with hand, and sprint back

For those using their abacus to perform math at home (and for those who don’t need one, Thor), Part B breakdwon-

  • 25 breakdancers
  • 50 burpees
  • 75 LBC’s
  • 100 Merkins
  • 22 Windsprints

The Pax jogged back to the starting circle and the digital watches ticked to 6 o’clock to which Manziel proclaimed, “what a shame”.  The real shame is that we didn’t get to repeat Part A.  Bing and Ripken vowed to never pre-run again on a Goob Q day.


  1. Many pleaded to fill up the remaining August Q schedule so Goob would not be able to.
  2. Food for Sparky’s family
  3. Ft. Hamer Bridge run


  1. Sniper’s great trip to Nebraska and his/Hercules return.
  2. Ripken’s father-in-law’s health (kidney removal plus other unknowns)
  3. Sparky’s new addition
  4. Injured/traveling pax
  5. First responders/teachers
  6. Kids starting back at school

It was fun boys.  Thanks for following the leader this morning.