Going the Distance

YHC pulls up to Wawa and sees Ripken’s truck, with no Ripken in sight. Confirming the GroupMe post that he and Bing were planing to start early and circle back for a 6:00 second launch.

BigMac was second on scene and mentioned he would be doing his usual out and back followed by a run. We waited together until the clock struck 6 am. There was still no sight of the other 2 Pax at this time, say a quick prayer they’re safe (just slower then estimated) and we’d see them on route.

About 2 miles in YHC notices an extra light on his 6 and a call out “Pincher” from behind. Ripken and Bing had caught us from behind, like they were hiding in a bush waiting to spring on us. At this point the 2 had already put in a solid 10 miles.

BigMac made his turnaround shorty after, as he continues to ride a little less but follows it up with a run. Training for that Tri with his M.

After making the Fruitville U-turn we showed Bing by example while riding next to him how close you need to be to “Grab a tire”. Meaning your front wheel is  6”-18” away from the rear wheel of the PAX in front of you. This takes a whole lot of trust in yourself and who your riding with! Bing stepped up and was ready for the challenge, after mumbling something about how good I smelt…He grabbed my tire. He did a good job of keeping a tire throughout the rest the ride except during his turn in the front. Yes that right, Bing took his turns bumping in and out of the lead with Ripken and I, even going down to his aero bars a few times.

Ripken called an audible on the way back and we skipped the usual University extension, opting for the next turn at the County Clubs instead. It’s nice to get a little new scenery when your not staring down the rear tire in front of you.

We ended with a COT after 30+ for Ripken and Bing and 17+ for me. Way to go the distance today Gents!

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  1. Truly appreciate the push and the education I am getting from a few veteran cyclists. You have created an addict..but an addict in a good way! Definitely feeling those extra 10 miles! Thanks as always! #ironsharpensiron #F3logoonpinchersassisathingtoseefor20miles #paddingsoftensthebottom

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