The Open Container Workout

Weather: 78 degrees with 500% humidity

Shortly after Gridlock and Ripken pulled in from their pre-run, 5.15 rolled around. To everyone’s dismay, Ripken had to leave, so for everyone’s safety, the mozi took us down the road to the dog park, which included some nur, carioca x2, high knees and butt kickers. After getting to the bottom of the road, we did an Indian run back up to the parking lot and grabbed our waters to go to the echo chamber. That led to a circle of pain with side straddle hops, hillbilly walkers, strawberry pickers and arm circles.

YHC then explained to the pax that he just returned from a brief vacation to Key West with his M for the annual Singer-Songwriter festival. We noticed that several of the establishments in Key West had a sign similar to this one (which happens to be in Sloppy Joe’s):

Since we were with friends, they insisted that the lawyer look up this ordinance because nearly everyone is walking around with a drink in their hand. Turns out this sign is completely misleading because (1) you also have to be “under the influence” in order to be in violation, (2) there are loads of exceptions, and (3) every bar has to have a sign that says this. Who says vacations with an attorney can’t be fun? But all good things must come to an end, such as living on beer and key lime pie on a stick.

With no better inspiration, 18 and 87 seemed like good numbers to build a workout around, so that’s what happened. The pax counted off in 4s and were sent to the faceoff circles in the corners of the rinks. One of the circles was designated as the one in which one exercise would be done with 18 reps, with the remaining circles each requiring 29 reps of another exercise (for a total of 87). After completing the exercises for one circle, the pax were given a mode of transportation to get to the next one. So for each round, there was one exercise done 18 times and another 87 times, accompanied by movement between the exercises. Pax were told to stay in their last circle before starting the next set, so as to rotate the circles where everyone started and not make the same people start in the circle of 18 every time (unfortunately, this caused great confusion at one point). The sets of exercises were:

  • 18 Merkins
  • 87 LBCs
  • Mode of transportation: Lunge Walk


  • 18 Carolina Drydocks
  • 87 Freddie Mecuries
  • Mode of Transportation: Bear Crawl


  • 18 Monkey Humpers
  • 87 Mountain Climbers
  • Mode of Transportation: Crab Walk


  • 18 Hand Release Merkins
  • 87 American Hammers
  • Mode of Transportation: Toy Soldiers


  • 18 Salsa Dips
  • 87 Plank Jacks
  • Mode of Transportation: Bear Crawl


  • 18 Leg Raises
  • 87 Overhead Claps
  • Mode of Transportation: Crab Walk


  • 18 Merkins
  • 87 Side Straddle Hops
  • Mode of Transportation: Lunge Walk

With one minute left by this point, we circled up for a Round of Mary, which involved Trump calling out 10 big boy sit ups. And that was it.


  • Sup & Run is May 25, only a few spots left so sign up NOW
  • St. Pete AO starting on June 1, several clown cars will go up from LWR

Prayers & Praises:

  • Bing, who’s up in Philly to help plant a new group near Villanova U.
  • Trump’s mom
  • 1st responders, troops
  • YHC’s parents for a safe trip back home after coming down to watch the 2.0s

That’s all. I’m pretty sure I heard someone cover that song at some point over the weekend.