FNG Saturday

55 with a nice cool breeze – a perfect morning for an FNG fest!

FNG here, FNG there, FNG everywhere!!!  What an amazing morning, when the FNGs outnumber the regular Pax, that’s a great feeling!  After a lengthy disclaimer and introduction, Drake took us for a few laps around the parking lot including high knees, butt kickers and Karaoke. Water bottles and flags were grabbed and we moseyed over to the field for more warm up running with stride-outs including skipping (that looked special), High knees, Fast knees and Figure Eights.

As the week is coming to an end, we executed one last #ManUpBayside challenge.  60 seconds of LBCs.

COP included the following:

  1. SSH x 20 IC
  2. Moroccan Night Clubs x 20 IC
  3. Mountain Climbers x20 IC
  4. Plank and Plank at 6 inches
  5. Merkins x20 IC

The Thang:

It was time to introduce the FNGs to a Dora.  The Pax was asked to partner up, especially partnering up with an FNG to knock out the following list of exercises:

  • 50 Merkins
  • 100 Side Straddle Hops
  • 150 Plank Jacks
  • 200 Lunges (single count)
  • 250 LBCs
  • 300 Squats

While Partner 1 does the exercise, partner 2 takes a run around the soccer goals and picks up where Partner 1 left off on the above exercises.  The Pax did a great job, especially the FNGs as they learned to push themselves in order to support their partner.


At halftime – in order to give the Pax a water stop and breather, Drake, on Q, shared 1 Corinthians 6 19:20 which touched on the importance of honoring God by taking good care of the temple. The Pax was also reminded about the fact that they can modify when necessary.


After a lengthy Name-O-Rama due to the 11 FNGs, everyone was introduced to the meaning of all 3 Fs, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  The pax was encouraged to visit the website, learn more about F3 Lakewood Ranch and F3 Nation, and to post to more workouts during the week!

  • For all of the FNGs as they learn and embrace what F3 is all about
  • For Drake’s Daughter


  • Still time to volunteer for Night To Shine which is on 2/9.
  • Be sure to look for the newsletter and the FNG welcome email
  • Take 2 advil later in the day and drink lots of water!

Welcome to all of the new FNGs!  See you all again soon!!